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Buyakano in 2011

1st of January 2011

Buyakano starts into the new year with a blast!

Our concept: A fresh innovative percussion power live act that gives us the boom we all crave for in our daily lives.

Featuring a powerfull brass-section. High Velocity original repertoire. Stunning solo-artists. Breathtaking grooves and brakes. And with attention to detail.

Buyakano has quickly established itself as the Nr. 1 event in it's field accross Nederland. Featurettes in Hamburg marked the beginning of international fresh samba activity. In this new year we will follow further down that path and are currently planning tours throughout Slovenia, Croatia and Spain. Further shows in Germany, Belgium and France are in the workings.

We have had the pleasure to play for great audiences where-ever we have been, props to you for supporting us! This month will see us with three smashing performances, so be sure to check out the infos on those dates in the shows section!

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