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Hello Goodbye

21st of August 2013

As time goes on, with such a huge line-up, it sadly is inevitable that some of our members have a change in their personal biographies, and change location along with it. But worry not, change is part of life, or as Rafiki (you know, the monkey-shaman-wise-guy) from Lion King puts it: Change is good!

Our blazing horn-section is about to be re-vamped, as we say goodbye to our terrific bass-trombone fundament Reinaldo "Koko" Donoso Pizarro, who moves back to Chile in fall, as well as our "man-in-the-middle" Roberto "Moña" Lorenzo Elekes who moves to Madrid.

It has been our greatest pleasure to have been playing with you guys, we all have grown because of it ("Louder! Faster! Nastier!") and have really become a family-away-from-home over the course of the last years.

Thanks so much for all of your effort, energy, love, blood and sweat! We really have had a blast!

Or, in the words of Roberto "That was some really nasty shit, bro!"

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