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New Boiling Repertoire

10th of November 2011

You might have wondered why it has been so quiet around us lately...
Buyakano has been spending the last months rehearsing like crazy, cooking up brand new repertoire with bombastic arrangements.
The 10-head power-percussion crew a.k.a. Buyakano The blazin horns section : Efe, Roberto & Koko on killer trombones smashing bass-lines by Joao Pestana
...and featuring our exceptional vocalists :
Irene Novoa, Jenny Thiele, and - newest member to our crew - MC Andy Smart.
You will not believe what we have come up with...and there is undoubtedly nothing like it! Sure, brazilian Batucadas have long-since been performing with other instrumentalists, playing brazilian pop-, samba-, or samba-reggae tunes for the masses. The concept of incorporating a Batucada percussion-section into a band is nothing unknown. But this is different.
This is wild.
Proudly presenting: The Emperor's New Groove. Fresh, young, dynamic music in contemporary styles, a Batucada playing Hip-Hop, Drum n Bass, Funk, Electro, Dubstep; A very large boom, with bass, horns, incredible vocals. This new sound is definitely unique, and yet stays true to it's priciple:
Untamed. Rough. Power.
Like a steam-locomotive gone wild, escaping it's tracks, unstoppable, with its own groove that make others adapt to it.
Sporting some very nasty hot dancers...and optional live fire-show!
Bombastic is the only word that comes to mind. Completely over-the-top might be another way to put it.
We have been saving this new show until we have it rock-solid, and will present it for the first time ever at December's FullMoon Concert at Grounds next month. Be sure to witness the impact of this bomb exploding!

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