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Summer was awesome!

18th of August 2013

Buyakano has had some terrific concerts this summer, most notably our shows on SommerMusikFest, Loshausen WorldMusicFestival and a fantastic collaboration with Rüdiger Oppermann's KlangWelten in Frankfurt.

Another highlight being the presentation of the Buyakano Workshop that we gave, the performance was truly bombastic: 50 Drummers, 10 Horns, together with our usual bass-guitar-insane-rap combo was almost like a force of nature! Blasting some of our songs with more than 60 people was simply to good to be true...

Stay tuned for more media from the before-mentioned shows, as far as we know, all of it has been filmed ;-) It was great to be spending so much time together, finally in a warm, summer-sunny surrounding, with great food, short: As things should be!

By now we are all spread throughout europe, having various individual summer plans, and are very much looking forward to our next major happening:

Recording our second CD coming october! As always, thanks to all our fans for their support and the roaring crowds on the concerts, it is great to feel your amazing energy every time! On a side-note: Our website is currently receiving a minor facelift. In case something is quirky, or not what you would expect, please contact us and let us know!

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