Samba Percussion Rap in Rotterdam | 24 uur cultuur // grounds


Buyakano concerts, past, present and future!

live @ 24 uur cultuur Rotterdam: One Giant Leap // grounds, Rotterdam (NL)

10th of September 2011

Playing at grounds as part of the 24 uur cultuur -program One Giant Leap. There will be music, poetry, theater and other forms of art, all night until the next morning at 10 A.M. where the night & the last concert ends...

IMAGE buyakano samba rap live @ 24 uur cultuur feat Irene Novoa

Buyakano - modern samba percussion, freshly baked in Rotterdam city, feat. Irene Novoa on vocals!

Be sure to also check the individual websites for other locations&events on that day, as there will be something happening everywhere!

24 uur cultuur Rotterdam // grounds, Rotterdam (NL)
September 10th

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