Samba Percussion Rap in Karlsruhe | 25 years KlangWelten // Tollhaus


Buyakano concerts, past, present and future!

live @ 25 years KlangWelten // Tollhaus, Karlsruhe (DE)

20th of December 2011

Buyakano will play a compact set at the anniversary-party of the KlangWelten Festival. After 25 years, this yearly tour has become a true institution of trans-global musical communication in Germany and beyond, and we feel honored to have been invited to play there.

The venue is none other than the TollHaus, a beautyfull venue with a welcoming atmosphere and great sounding hall.

For further details check their website at

Karlsruhe, here we come!

25 years KlangWelten // Tollhaus, Karlsruhe (DE)
December 20th

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