Samba Percussion Rap in Rotterdam | FullMoon Babylon at grounds


Buyakano concerts, past, present and future!

live @ FullMoon Babylon // grounds, Rotterdam (NL)

29th of October 2012

Once again playing for FullMoon Babylon!
Buyakano once again sets out to blast a show on this year's first FullMoon Babylon Concert, even more so happy as this is an anniversary for the event. A warm welcome for all those that arrived to Rotterdam recently, and a long-awaited reunion of the FullMoon and Buyakano.

"Oh my god, this shit is getting funky" - check out the videos from the last time we performed there!

IMAGE buyakano modern samba rap live @ 4th year aniversary fullmoon grounds babylon rotterdam nederland

FullMoon Babylon // grounds, Rotterdam (NL)
October 29th

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