Samba Percussion Rap at grounds Rotterdam during horror party


Buyakano concerts, past, present and future!

live @ Horror Party // WMDC, Rotterdam (NL)

3rd of November 2010

Buyakano will perform a set at the Horror Party @ WMDC. Costumes, voodoo rites, the works!

IMAGE horror party flyer

This next show will have us showcase our blazing horns section:

Efe Erdem (TR) - Trombone
Roberto Lorenzo Elekes (ES) - Trombone
Sigrún Jónsdóttir (NO) - Trombone
Koko Donoso (CL) - Trombone

Evil-East-Side Samba HipHop meets Brass in the fair kingdom of the Netherlands

Horror Party // WMDC, Rotterdam
November 3rd

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